Macht geht unter.

Exhibition Identity

Power, on a large and small scale, is unstable and fragile. But what is power? The exhibition considers power, both in the performing and the subordinate role. In this sense we provide possibilities for interaction, reflection and finding perception in the context of the exhibition. At the beginning, visitors are confronted with the general concept of power. In the course of the exhibition, one gets to know power in its various ways, and is able to witness its downfall. A journey through history as well as current topics awaits you. By contrasting several aspects, different emotions are awakened. The lost regimes in the Arab Spring, the end of interpersonal relationships, or the centuries-long rule of a major institution are core themes of the exhibition. Media, technology, and philosophy offer further perspectives. Where do we find power and how does it perish?

2017 ∙ University Project ∙ Concept, Editorial Design, Logo Design, 3D Renderings